4 This Activity Could Be Damaged Dental Health

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toothTooth is one of the organs of the body that has the function to support the digestive process is one that is destroying the food. Not only that, the gear is also one part of the body that can support our appearance become more memorable and exciting. Moreover, if the teeth are white, clean, and free from the problem of cavities. To get the right gear like so, can do many things.

One of them was doing a good dental care. One way to take care of teeth is do brush your teeth regularly. However, if we rub the teeth with a toothbrush bristles using rough turned out thus will damage teeth because the researchers revealed that rough toothbrush could make teeth easily damaged, porous until broken.

1. Chewing on ice cubes
Chewing on ice cubes does have an impressive sensation and make happy. But, if this is done too often, this could damage the health of teeth. Not only that make ice cubes chewing teeth broken, put the ice cubes in a fruit syrup and soda will also make teeth prone is also damaged.

2. Frequent consumption of caffeinated drinks
When not busy at work, rarely someone will consume caffeinated beverages in the form of tea or coffee. Not only when working, many people like the consumption of tea and coffee every day. We know Ladies, drinks containing caffeine drinks are easy to cause damage to the teeth. In a study published in the American Journal of Dentistry and Journal of Dental Association revealed that tooth decay due to caffeine, among others, yellow teeth, teeth are porous and cavities.

3. Chew candy
Sweetness sweets indeed often makes anyone feel comfortable and happy. Candy is also one of the foods that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. But, don’t frequent-frequent consumption of sweets if you do not want you broken and hurt. The experts revealed that candy is one of the foods that make the badly damaged teeth with a very fast. In fact, chewing sweets will make tooth damage worse by 50 percent.

4. Sports without using protective gear
Sport is an activity that makes the body more fit. But, while doing sports try to wear protective gear. The experts revealed that the sports activity and do not wear the teeth will allow easy damaged teeth. Moreover, if this sport is a sport weight as well as boxing, wrestling.

In addition to some things over, drinking soda, eating or drinking hot, dip, too often brushing your teeth is also ripping plastic or hard objects using the teeth can also cause damage to the teeth lhoo. Hopefully this article useful and adds to the insights we yaa.