5 Simple Tips To Make Your Hair beautiful and Healthy

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Most women spend large amounts of money to purchase a variety of hair care products, but there are a few simple tips they can apply the hair to make you look more beautiful and healthy the easy way.

There are 5 kinds of simple tips that can make you beautiful and healthy hair naturally and easily. How do you do? Check out these 5 tips ya.

1. Cut your hair on a regular basis. Without the cuts, the hair will become thin and brittle. Of course, you don’t have to cut your hair too short how, only a few centimeters away. Visit a hair stylist at least once every three months will keep your hair from hair problems broken or the dry.

2. Giving him vitamins. For all of us, food is a natural source of vitamins and nutrients. But, we often do not get sufficient intake of them with food everyday. To achieve healthy and beautiful hair, you have to increase your vitamin intake by consuming special pills and supplements. Don’t forget to consult a doctor to choose vitamin needs you.

3. do not wrap the hair with a towel. Drying wet hair with the towel wrap it in may be very convenient, but this method is quite bad for you hair. Wet hair is very brittle and tend to break easily. To avoid damage to the hair after showering, use a towel to taste without having to be wrapped into wet hair.

4. do not wash your hair with hot water. You should avoid using the water too hot when washing your hair, because the hot water will make your hair dry and brittle. Use the cold water that will help you make your hair silky, soft, and supple.

5. Drink plenty of water. Drinking water is good for the whole body. This is a great way to get rid of toxins and normalize body functions. Because the State of our hair depends on the health of our bodies, and it is very important to keep your body properly hydrated.