5 Ways to Lengthen The Hair Quickly

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Most women believe that a beautiful impression was created because it has long hair, beautiful and healthy. So it is no wonder, if many women are vying for letting their hair and take care of him properly.

However, there are some obstacles that may often you find. For example due to a less healthy hair, until unable to lengthen hair. As a result with the use of hair or hair extension connection, often becomes a practical alternative for those who can’t wait to have long hair.

The use of hair extension in your hair on a regular basis, will make your original hair tangled, interested and to the growth of the hair becomes difficult. Well, it’s good for you to use natural ways to lengthen the hair, such as that offered by the following marieclaire.


This’s 5 Ways to Lengthen the Hair Easily and Quickly

1.Massaging The Scalp

This easy and quick steps in growing hair, because blood flow to the scalp terstimulasi and faster nourish hair follicles. This massage is carried out when the wash using the tip of the fingers, starting from the back of the neck towards the edge of the head above the forehead.

2.Cut The Ends Of The Hair

Most women do not want to perform this step, because the hair is not growing fast khatir but cutting the ends of the hair makes hair grow faster and healthier.

3.Use Of Vitamin

Recommended by Dermatologists Harold at the University Of California, Los Angeles in order to wear the B vitamins have antioxidant content, because it will make the hair shaft. Even supplements, such as biotin hair growth making pharmacies in horny and nails so healthy.

4.Use A Deep Conditioner

The function of a shampoo made of dirt in the hair shaft, and the scalp was missing. Another case with a nourishing your hair conditioner to the more healthy, shiny and grow faster.

5.Rinse your hair with cold water

Rinsing your hair with cold water after shampooing can make the hair covered skin, loss of hair and the softness of the deterrent. Why is this so? because the use of a blow dryer. Therefore, do not use hot water when washing your hair, since the hair shaft becomes vulnerable to fractures are difficult to grow quickly.

So a few natural tips that can be applied to hair lengthening, good luck!