Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Types and Functions Camera

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In the world of photography we are many advantages and disadvantages of different types of cameras are used to capture and capture every moment in our lives. Various kinds of cameras can be in the group into several groups, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. It might be useful for creative buddies who are confused to choose which camera is suitable for everyday creative buddy. Here are the types of cameras based on its function.

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1. Camera Polaroid – advantages and disadvantages of different types of cameras

Polaroid camera is a camera that can capture images without using film and able to print images directly. The advantages of Polaroid cameras is that users need not be bothered to do the washing up printed photos because photos can instantly be some time after the shooting. Disadvantages  of this type of camera is broken when printed photos, creative friend could not reprint for this type of camera can instantly create a positive image and there is no storage media such as film or memory card.

2. The camera films – the advantages and disadvantages of different types of cameras

Film camera is a camera that can capture images and then writes the results into a movie and became a negative image.To get a positive image from this camera film print washing process is required. The camera of this type until now there are those who use, but its existence appears increasingly left with her digital camera types. The camera of this type are generally smaller and there are already supporting the exchange of lenses. Excess  size is usually more concise. Disadvantages  users have to buy film for image storage media.

3. Digital Camera – advantages and disadvantages of different types of cameras

The digital camera is a camera that is most widely used at this time. With this camera users can more easily express to produce images as you wish. This type of camera is no need anymore for movie storage media, instead provided a memory card slot for storing data. Digital cameras themselves are grouped into several types, as follows.

4. Camera pocket or a pocket camera – the advantages and disadvantages of different types of cameras

The camera of this type generally has a small size and portability could even enter the pockets as the name suggests.The ability of this camera is quite good in taking pictures with pretty good results. Most of these cameras are used by a user who likes to take pictures the way point and shot. Indeed, in its application is practical, all features have been set automatically without having to bother lighting and so forth. Extra features like video recorder a distinct advantage for the user. Broadly speaking, it can be concluded that  the advantages  of this pocket camera, among others, small size, practical and easy to carry and easy to use. In terms of prices are quite cheap and affordable. Disadvantages  ability to shoot in low light conditions is quite low, very limited zoom capability, can not manual settings.

5. The camera super zoom – the advantages and disadvantages of different types of cameras

A notch is above the pocket camera, this camera has a better ability, especially when shooting long-distance. This type of camera has optical zoom capability is quite high even reached 41,7x. These cameras are generally created to take the best moments from a distance with a distance of tens of meters. The camera is also equipped with a viewfinder that helps the user when taking a picture at the blazing light conditions. Equipped with an LCD screen that can be rotated to help users create interesting pictures from different angles. The advantages  of this camera is capable of taking pictures from a distance, the LCD can be rotated provide convenience to take a picture of an interesting angle. Disadvantages are still using a small sensor so that the image less than the maximum, rather large size may not be included in the pocket.

6. Digital SLR (DSLR) – advantages and disadvantages of different types of cameras

The new machine is one of the cameras that many ‘dream’. This camera has a myriad of advantages required for lovers of photography beginner or pro. The camera quality is unquestionable, because with this DSLR camera creative friend could see the amazing pictures in a variety of media. The sensors used are generally larger than the camera described earlier. Users can set shooting modes heart’s content manually to the desired result. Feature exchange lenses also greatly benefit users to more easily take pictures for various purposes. Broadly speaking DSLR camera provides many advantages other than that has been written, but not necessarily have flaws. Disadvantages of  this camera is priced very expensive especially for the pro class, large size, heavy weight, it takes a special bag to carry this camera.

7. mirrorless camera – the advantages and disadvantages of different types of cameras

The camera on this one appeared recently, approximately in the year 2008. What does the mirrorless camera?Mirrorless camera is a camera that is similar to a DSLR camera but eliminating mirrors or pentaprima common in digital SLR cameras. With her removed the mirror then mirrorless camera has a way of working in which incoming light is not reflected to the viewfinder by a mirror, but directly received by the sensor. The picture quality this camera is close to the results of DSLR cameras because some cameras already carrying a full frame sensor. Generally, the size of the camera is relatively small even equal to a pocket camera. Its quite interesting of these is the mirrorless camera features lens exchange. So the camera mirrorles created as a middle ground between pocket cameras and mirrorless cameras.The advantages of small size, the lens can be exchanged, approaching the quality of a DSLR. Disadvantages  prices quite expensive to expensive.