Aerox 125LC is Not a Substitute For Yamaha X-Ride

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Scooter Yamaha Aerox 125LC matic briefly touted as successor to X-Ride. But it is contradicted by PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) as the holder of trademark agents (APM) motorcycles Yamaha.

“Yamaha Aerox 125LC was from shape alone is obviously different from X-Ride. Its specifications are also different, “explains Dyonisius Beti, executive vice president of PT YIMM.

A familiar man accosted Dyon it adds, Yamaha X-Ride more on offroad, while the asphalt path Aerox.

“So Yamaha X-Ride still running and keep our, Yamaha Aerox launches in accordance with our plans,” he added.

Yamaha X Ride

Yamaha Aerox engine capacity 125 fed 125LC cc which generate power 8.4 kW at 9,000 rpm and torque of 10.4 nm at 6,500 rpm. His body looks more sporty than scooter matic Yamaha among others.

While the Yamaha X-Ride equipped engine capacity cc 113.7 capable of producing power 7.75 ps at 8,500 rpm and maximum torque of 8.5 nm at 5,000 rpm engine rotation. X-Ride body look slimmer and supplied accessories for offroad.

the latest price or harga yamaha x ride to November 2014 it is 14.4 million Usd for standard type, Rp 15 million to type Special Edition, 16.5 million and Rp type Adventure.

While the prices for market 125LC Aerox motor Indonesia sold Usd 18, 2 million. This price is already On The Road or OTR Jakarta. Some say that this is somewhat similar to the Yamaha Aerox motor sport.

It is true Aerox 125 LC display and judging from its design similar to motor sport but the scooter. Aura Yamaha Vixion Advance somewhat visible also on the motor which brings the engine SOHC single-cylinder 125cc.

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