Benefits And Uses of Ornamental Plants

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Definition of Ornamental Plants

Formerly Ornamental plants are flowering plants – all forms of flowers or plants that produce flowers (generative organs). Hortikula field associated with Tanaman hias cut flowers, potted ornamental plants, ornamental plant beds, ornamental plants leaves and so on, or often referred to as Floriculture, Foliageculture.
In line with new development and progress of human civilization, is defined as any ornamental plants are plants that have ornamental value (flower, stem, canopy, branches, leaves, roots, aroma, etc.) that create the impression of a beautiful (artistic) or artistic impression. At first, cut flowers intended for flowers (generative organs) along the stem or branch bit (apart from the parent plant) are used as decoration material and other wider uses. Now cut flowers not only in the form of pieces of generative organs but also applies to pieces of leaves along the stem which gives a wonderful impression.
Various Ornamental Plants

Benefits And Uses of Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants and cut flowers used as a gift, or an expression of thanks, condolences, congratulations, as well as decoration materials in a room.
In fact, not uncommon in a society, possession of ornamental plants and cut flowers used as a person’s level of prestige. Ornamental plants and flowers have three aspects of interest (benefits and usefulness), namely economy, art (aestetic), Environment (environmental).


ornamental plant industry:
  1. Provide and create jobs
  2. Produce ornamental plants and cut flowers
  3. Increase the value of beauty / environment through the garden / landscaping

Art. = Appearance.

Improving the appearance of homes and buildings through landscaping. Improve the appearance of the land at once empowering or open useless. Increase the amount of green open areas.

Environment (Environmental)

Including health and safety, clean air, keep erosion (preven erosion). Provide shade (Provides shade, fertility nutrients (nutrition), menhalang water (wind break).

Prospects of Development of Ornamental Plants

The product development of ornamental plants in Indonesia has a bright future, given the market demand, both domestically and overseas continues to increase from year to year. Indonesia imported some ornamental plants especially those belonging to the sub-tropics. Therefore commodity ornamental plants are believed to have good prospects, and also indicates that the commodity is elastic ornamental plants on demand.
Indonesia still imports some products flori kultura to meet the needs in the country. This illustrates that the consumption of floriculture in the country against big enough, even specific products yet to be met by the product itself. It merupakam excellent opportunities for the development of commodity ornamental plants and flowers. Floriculture products that need to be improved to reduce imports include ornamental plants Orchidacea group, Anthuriumsp, Chrysanthenumsp, Gerberasp, and Carnation.
Type demand for exports of ornamental plants include Draceaesp and Diffenbachiasp. The other type is Orchidaceasp, and Heliconiasp. Type Gladiola, tuberose, palm, and sansevera are other species that have good prospects to develop.