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Benefits Grow Hydroponics Grow With And Aeroponics. The benefits of biotechnology in agriculture today many developed. Biotechnology in addition to creating superior seeds that this technique can also be applied to the planting process. There are two ways of planting plants which are the result of the development of biotechnology, namely Hidroponik and aeroponic cultivation.


Hydroponics is a plant that is grown using media other than soil, such as sand, charcoal, ash, pumice, stone, and water. Hydroponics discovered by DR. WF Geri Che from the University of California in 1936. Many of the benefits that can be gained from this farming with hydroponics, and including the following:

  • Does not require a large area, can be done in space, and this technique is suitable when applied in urban areas that do not have agricultural land.
  • Efficient in the use of fertilizers, fertilizers are given on a regular basis according to the needs.
  • Free from pests and diseases that come from the soil.
  • Produce plants that clean and quality.


To perform a hydroponic cultivation, we need to do is the following:

  • Set the pots that you would wear to a plant, or plant tanks, complete with how to install irrigation.
  • Prepare the planting medium (sand, charcoal, ash, pumice, stone, and water) that had previously been sterilized by boiling in a vat of deadly microorganisms and others.
  • Prepare nutrients, each plant has different needs, but there is of a general nature, namely the need for: macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins and PGR (Plant growth regulators)
  • Put sand into a pot or tub is filled up, about 3/4 of the surface.
  • Flush with nutritional fluid, usually in the early stages of 100 ml of nutrients per day.
  • Make a hole in accordance with the size of the seeds will be planted.
  • Clean the seedling plants from the soil, insert it into the holes that have been created.
  • Watering much as 1-1.5 liters done 5-8 times daily with a solution of water and food.

In hydroponics, the removal of the plant from the pot to a poly bag, every time plant vary according to the type of plant. Example :

  • Plant Tomatoes: The move was made 3-4 weeks after the spring.
  • Melon plants: The move was made two weeks after the spring.
  • Plants Paprika: Displacement performed 4 weeks after the spring.
  • Cucumber plants: The move was made two weeks after the spring

addition to hydroponics, the development of agricultural biotechnology are also yielding planting plants that are aeroponic. cultivation in aeroponics is growing plants with their roots letting dependent. Nutrition in plants aeroponic done by spraying nutrients periodically. Examples of plants that are often developed with aeroponic systems are ornamental plants such as orchids.

Planting technology with aeroponic techniques can also be done on vegetable crops. This technique has now been done by many people because of the way is very simple and easy to obtain equipment.

How it works aeroponic cultivation not differ with hydroponic cultivation. The difference lies only in the growing media. Hydroponics uses water as the planting medium, charcoal, ash, sand, and rocks, while aeroponics not need a solid medium, just simply left hanging.

That is the way of farming with hydroponics and aeroponics what I can tell, apologize if less complete in the presentation, may be useful.