Best Family Car For homecoming Holiday

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Agenda homecoming conducted annually more fun when we head up the private car. Kredit mobil Calya although more comfortable ride public transportation such as aircraft, or train, but when going experience will be more memorable than use public transport. Of course, the car needed a convenient and economical to use homecoming, because it takes a long time and have to travel a considerable distance. In addition, automotive buddy should also consider the safety and security factors when choosing a car.

The risk of an accident doubles when the flow back and forth going on, because thousands space vehicles on the highway, so the frequent traffic jams and accidents. For this reason the automotive pal must buy a family car that has the features include airbags or ABS braking system. Both of these features into a mandatory requirement to improve driving safety, because the medium is able to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the event of something untoward.

Best Family Car in Indonesia

There are many family cars that offer such features, so my friend did not have to mess around to choose the best family car in Indonesia. The price also varies, depending on the brand of the car and features that are inside. The more complete the features it has, of course more expensive. But the money that my friend will spend comparable with the comfort of a buddy get when buying the car. Moreover, man must also consider the interior, and choose a car that had roared spacious cabin.

The average car in Indonesia best able to carry seven passengers at a time. Actually my friend can buy a City Car average priced cheap, like Toyota Agya, Honda Brio, Datsun Go Panca, or Kia Picanto. However, the average city car only able to carry seven passengers and has a small luggage roared, making it less suitable for homecoming or other long trips. Well, for those who confused to find the best family car in Indonesia , please refer pal following information.

1. All New Kijang Innova

The convenience factor is the reason a lot of people to buy All New Kijang Innova. The car is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels with sporty design, and transform types Q Diesel has adopted in diameter 17-inch alloy wheels. The outer appearance looks luxurious, as well as inside. Because there are 3 rows of seats that can carry seven passengers at a time, and provided a luxurious interior, combined with modern instrument panel is ready to optimize automotive pal traveling comfort with the family.

In addition, the best family car made by Toyota is also equipped with automatic air conditioning and an entertainment system with an 8-inch screen and multimedia features in it. Then for the terms of engine, already Diesel engine with a cylinder capacity of 2393 cc and petrol variants are adopting a 1998 cc engine.

2. All New Nissan Grand Livina

All New Grand Livina is an MPV with three rows of seats that can mate partially rely on family vehicles every day. Spacious cabin space into a comfort guarantee the best family cars from Japan. In addition, the second and third rows of seats can also be bent to expand the storage space when the pal travel far. Features Dual SRS Airbags and Rearview Camera also has, so the safety factor remained key to this car made by Nissan MPV. Then for machine parts, existing HR15DE engine which has a Dual Injector and Twin VTC (Intake and Exhaust) who is able to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency.

3. Honda Mobillio

Terms as a family car that is comfortable to use for homecoming activities ataupu other drive is having spacious cabin space, and supported a variety of security features complete. Well, one of the best family cars today are Honda Mobillio. Views eskterior look good with the body shape measuring 4,386mx 1,683mx 1,603m which is sporty and elegant look. Then in the interior, the best family car offering comfortable and luxurious interior, where there are 3 rows krsui with relief cabin space.

Safety features that has been equipped with Dual SRS airbags and ABS + EBD braking system which is able to stop the rate of i-VTEC engine with a capacity of 1.5L is capable of removing the power reaches 118 ps and 145 Nm Tosi. Then there were matic and manual transmission systems that can be selected according to the needs and comfort of automotive pal.

4. New Suzuki Ertiga

New Suzuki Ertiga appear more stylish with a change in eketrior design that makes it look more sporty. As for the engine, still rely K14B engine which has a cylinder 1.373cc and 16 valves. 4 in-line engine is capable of reaching a maximum power output 92PS at 6,000 rpm engine speed and torque are issued at 130 Nm at 4,000 rpm rotation. To be more optimal performance of these machines,

Suzuki gives tech combustion system Multi Point Injection, so the machine is more economical when used long trips. Best Family Cars of Susuki is also present in variants matic and 5-speed manual. Then for the interior, Suzuki beautify with a choice of modern colors that seem more luxurious. 7-seater family car is also equipped with Dual SRS Airbags, Keyless Entry, and Immobilizer.

5. Toyota Grand New Avanza

Grand New Toyota Avanza is suitable referred to as the best family car today. The outside view is more handsome and elegant make it look more attractive than the previous generation Avanza. In addition, Toyota also give Ruan a spacious cabin with additional touch screen measuring 6.1 inches which is ready to provide entertainment for . Best family car also features Eco Indicator Lamp that optimizes fuel efficiency. The presence feature side-impact beam, key immobilizer and ready to optimize safety SRS airbag seven-passenger family car, so no need to worry if my friend untoward happened. Then for machine parts, the existing 1,329cc engine with Dual VVT-I technology is proven fuel efficient.

6. Daihatsu Great New Xenia

The car is claimed to be the most economical car owned MPV Daihatsu. The use of Dual VVT-i engine is proven to make this the best family cars more fuel efficient. Even performance issued is also very large, because it is able to issue a maximum power mecnapai 97 PS at 6000 rpm spin, and reached 12.3 kg m torque at 4,200 rpm rotation. Powerful engine performance will be offset with the look of the interior and exterior fancy, so it’s worth, if the car has become one of the best family car today. Advanced safety features also has, like Side Impact Beam, Dual SRS Airbags, Keyless entry, Alarm System and Immobilizer.

Cheap family car class Datsun Go also could be an option. But my friend had to buy the highest variance in order to get a better safety features and comfort features more complete. Datsun Go price is also very cheap, and equipped with powerful engine prime. But for my friend who hesitate to buy cars made Datsun, then the friend can buy one of the cars that we recommend above. Each car has proven comfortable ride and features a complete safety and security, so my friend should not hesitate to choose one of the best family cars that we recommend in this article. “Greetings Automotive”