Building Cafe “The Club Megamas” Ludes Burning

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Cafe the megamas

The Cafe Club which is in the Megamas dilahap si jago Merah ludes, on Sunday (10/7/2016) afternoon.
Look hundreds of residents took part witnessed the event fires. Fire estimate comes from hot cooking oil that is in this kitchen, it does not take long to devour the entire building cafe bermaterial wood.
Nine fire-fighting car units from Dinas Damkar Pemko Manado along any area of fire Megamas unit was lowered to tame the flames, but it’s too late because the roof of the building made a quick burn.
Related disaster, Kassat Reskrimus Polresta Manado Kompol Edwin Humokor justify the alleged cause of the fire.
“From the results of an investigation into alleged while the fire came from the hot cooking oil that is in the kitchen, we acted immediately by placing a police line, and interrogate the four eyewitnesses,” he said.
From the information gathered, no fatalities. However the losses experienced by the owner the Bekto Suprapto is Commissioner Kompolnas, dates to reach the hundreds of millions of dollars.