Comparison Of The New Yamaha Vixion Advance With Honda CB150R Streetfire

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For those of you who want to move a class from 110cc to 150cc motorbike motorcycle, it’s good to know the first character of the motor is desired, especially if you want to use the same motor sport or naked sport.

In this class, the motor usually the manufacturers began to introduce their real greatness, both in the technology, design, nor the power of the motor.

In addition, on a motor of this class also introduced several features found on top-class motor, so that the technology and the design starts to resemble bigbike. For example, there are banana swing arm monoshock, a pro-link, digital, up to full spidometer exist that use the front suspension model up-side down (USD)–all previously only found on bigbike.

Honda CB150R Streetfire sold at Rp 25 million, while for the price or harga yamaha vixion advance are in the range of Usd 24.9 million rupiah.

There are several types of motor sport and naked sport circulating in Indonesia and this time we chose to compare the two of the most popular, New Yamaha V-ixion Advance (NVA were) and Honda’s All-new CB150R Streetfire.

Yamaha Vixion


In general we see both are on a similar segment, i.e. the naked bike commuter, with a sharp design nuance sport.

All-new Honda CB150R was introduced officially in August 2015, whereas the New V-ixion Advance Yamaha launched in may 2015.

With a length of 1925 mm, width 720 mm, and height 1030 mm, the NVA were seen slimmer than the long-sized CBR150 2019 mm, width mm, as well as 719 1039 mm high.


Yamaha YMjet engine with the NVA were supplied-Fi injection 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, complete with the cooling liquid. With maximum torque of 14.5 Nm at 750 rpm, the motor is also capable of spitting out energy 16 hp at 8500 rpm. The power is transmitted through a manual transmission 5 acceleration.

To turn on the machine, Yamaha electric starter system and implement the crank manual (kick starter). While Honda package CB150R with PGM-Fi fuel injection 4-stroke, DOHC, single cylinder, as well as refrigerated liquids. Motor power achieves 17 hp at 9,000 rpm while the maximum torque generated amounted to 13.8 Nm at 7,000 rpm. Unlike the CBR150R, the NVA were using manual transmission 6 rated acceleration make this little Honda product is superior.

As with CB150R, the NVA were equipped electric and manual crank starter to start the engine.

In this section, could not be determined accurately who is faster than anyone, because all depends on the rider and the guts that drive technique is applied.


In order to support the weight of the engine, Yamaha applied order Delta Box on the NVA were. Complete with a telescopic front suspension and monocross suspension at the rear, plus pro-link system. With the order then the NVA were overall weight is 131 kg, including full fuel as many as 12 liters.

Another thing with CB150R, this bike using diamond trelis (truss frames), with a telescopic front suspension, and swing-arm (arm swinging) single bersuspensi on the back. Total weight of the motor is 136 kilograms, but not including fuel when filled full of as many as 12 liters.

Wheels and Braking System

Both have adopted the completeness of braking with disk disc pairing. Each of the two caliper at the front and single rear caliper.

17-inch diameter front wheel rims on the NVA were bandaged dimensional tire 90/80. Whereas in the same sized rear wheel rims, rubber round sizes 120/70 is considered enough to support the movement of the motor.

On this CB150R sector arguably superior by adopting the wider wheel rims size even though its diameter is the same as the NVA were.

Tire size 100/80 wrap front rims, while the rear wheel rims were fitted which measured 130/70.