Free Coins Gift Super Mario Run now available

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generate free coins super mario runTo run the milestone of 50 million Downloads Super Mario, Nintendo is celebrating it so at all. This comes in the form of 10 tickets rally mode way to collect. “We hope you enjoy the fun of the rally roads,” said a message today is the day.

Rally free generate coins were announced on December 23, when Nintendo confirmed the milestone of 50 million downloads. The present should now be available in the game.

Super Mario Run was released on December 15, which means that it reached the milestone of 50M downloads in just over a week. 40M

The game is free but only buy a limited selection of levels for $ 10 Mainly playable, Nintendo has unpublished information about how many players have spent money on Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run downloaded 10 times Pokemon go on the first day

Update 2: Polygon reports App Annie has released newer data, according to the Super Mario Run is more than 10 million times worldwide on December 15. This is 10 times the amount of Pokemon Go administered on the first day.

App Annie also notes that 20 million has been recorded so far for people to play (which means you have clicked the “Report” Super Mario Run button on the App Store), and the game is $ 4 million in his first day.

Update: Another research firm App Annie, an optimistic report on the first day of the Super Mario Run. The game has been downloaded by about 3.5 million users in the United States alone, according to the data (via Polygon). We know that if Nintendo and Apple have a certain official number.

Original story: Super Mario Run has been downloaded nearly 3 million times on the first day of availability, which far via Pokemon Go on opening day, according to Mobile Analytics company Apptopia.

Super Mario Run was downloaded 2.85M on the first day, compared to 900,000 for Pokemon Go, according to company data (via Venturebeat). How fast, remains to be seen – Pokemon Go reached 5.6 million downloads in the third day and continued to grow.

There is an impressive number of Mario and Nintendo debut in the mobile game, but this is not a particularly accurate comparison. Super Mario Run is available in 149 countries, while the Pokemon Go in just three countries on the market, although the iOS and Android (Super Mario Run is iOS only for now).

Also, Super Mario Run was also the subject of an extensive marketing campaign. He was known for a high-profile Apple event this summer, we enjoyed the public through the App Store (including a new system that allowed him to register after the launch), and an appearance on The Tonight Show. Pokemon Go enjoyed everything in July with little warning.

Go like Pokemon, Super Mario Run is a free download. However, certain business models that use the two are very different. Pokemon Go can be played indefinitely without payment, but also provides the means to continue to pay endless time for objects in the game. The first level of Super Mario Run are free and offer the rest of the game as a single purchase of $ 10.

There is a price markup for the mobile, but that did not prevent the first place in the list of the top credit (and Free) App Store in the United States. Pokemon Go has since its publication a mainstay in the top-cut clipping table, but it appears unclear Run Super Mario reasons have its unique model to buy the same stamina.

Another research company, recently predicted that Superdata Super Mario Run 30 million downloads in the first month to reach, brings $ 60 million. He’s been reduced since that number slightly in the range of $ 12- $ 15 million. Meanwhile, analyst Serkan Toto has already said that he would eventually darken 1 billion downloads, achieved something that only a small number of games.