Honda CBR250RR Competitors Kawasaki Ninja and Yamaha R25

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Honda CBR250RR launching event in Jakarta on Friday (25/7/2016) is the first in the world, before later motor sport gahar it would released in other countries. According to President Director of AHM Toshiyuki Inuma, Indonesia is the most appropriate location to introduce their latest flagship product.

“The bike is not just a means of transportation that gives freedom, but has also become a means of channeling of hobby. Passion and interest is high in Indonesia motor fan it’s encouraging we present the all new Honda CBR250RR, “said Toshiyuki Inuma in the magnificent event.

Reported by the Legal Community, the conditions page of the country favors the two-wheel drive is very fitting for a world premiere Honda CBR250RR. No wonder PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) decided the case. Moreover, motor sport had its own market and fans in the ground water, and high prestige value for most medium-sized communities.

Vehicles produced at the factory premises AHM Karawang, West Java powered the 250 cc liquid-cooled which is the latest generation. With two-cylinder and four-stroke as well as DOHC, CBR250RR turns out is a result of the design team from Japan and Indonesia.

Although it’s been officially launched, AHM can not give harga honda cbr250rr to the public. AHM grounded because the production process has not started yet, even though consumers can already do pre-order. But for the price range of the non ABS type ranges from Rp 63 million-Rp 68 million, while ABS type Rp 69 million-USD 74 million.

Indonesia itself was chosen as the first country in the world to produce and launch a flagship model Honda supersport category. The new generation of engines is fed liquid-cooled 250cc 4-stroke DOHC 4 valve-2 cylinders, All New Honda CBR250RR will be produced in Karachi with production capacity reaching the 20,000-25,000 a year.