Make Energy Efficient Furnace (Rocket Stove)

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Fireplace mantel ideas ,The use of traditional stoves that wasteful energy (firewood) into one causes of deforestation. Additionally smoke rising makes the mother and child with an ARD (Upper Respiratory Infection). Mothers and children are most susceptible to ARI because when cooking small children and even infants are usually always with her mother.

Breathed oxygen to enlarge the fire and suck air in the kitchen where the air, ISPA must be familiar besides eye sore, so that the next impact is the reduced ability to see, alias myopic.
The kitchen is full of smoke very inconvenient to cook, especially if the husband came home, the agency still smell … how to harmonize the family will be maintained ..?

Layout kitchen traditional with hanging wood above the stove, as a means of utilizing the air (and smoke) heat to dry the wood, this way can save firewood and lose a little smoke from moisture wood is low, as well as saving money to buy firewood and treatment for respiratory infection.

Models of furnaces more energy-efficient by adding a fireplace or tandem. Heat generated indirectly wasted into free air, but can heat the ingredients are cooked or warmed dish and keep warm by placing it in the fireplace adjacent arranged in series or parallel. This model is better in energy use, lowering the amount of fuel wood consumption, the impact of ISPA decline and deforestation can be reduced.

Furnaces with sewer smoke out of the kitchen, healthier and smoke free. The chimney will be sent smoke out of the kitchen and better combustion and directed.
Repair construction of three stone stove, which is wasteful of energy and the spread of smoke rolling rolls, has been carried out by the foundation ROCKET at the request of UN agencies in order to tackle deforestation by people in Africa, improve the health of mothers and children, improve the local economy.