Planting Herbs One Turns It Easy Why, Want to Try?

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Indonesia known by many types of herbal plants that can produce various kinds of spices. One fairly well-known spices are pepper or pepper. Pepper or pepper obtained on the market is the fruit produced by the pepper tree. He is a kind of spice shaped seeds harvested from plants of the same name. Benefits of pepper as spice body warmers are needed by the whole society.

Benefits of pepper as spice body warmers are needed by the whole society.  (Ist)

When this has been more and more people who have their own pepper plantations and pepper cultivation either start a business on a small scale and large scale. How to plant pepper really is not too difficult, tanaman obat even for its simplicity almost all regions of tropical Indonesia can be used as land to grow pepper. Pepper or pepper from Indonesia has been widely recognized by the whole world as a commodity with the best quality. To produce pepper with good quality, there are a few things you need to know about the cultivation of this crop.

Terms of location. The first thing you should know is the characteristics and requirements grow pepper plants. In order to thrive, these plants require some conditions such as rainfall between 2,000 and 3,000 mm per year, enough sunlight, temperatures between 20 to 34 ° C, relative humidity between 60-80%, and protected from the wind gusts tight.

Another thing to consider in a pepper crop cultivation methods are the processing or preparation of the planting medium. As for the terms of planting medium between the other is rich in organic matter, not stagnant, not too dry, has a pH balanced, have a humus content is good, the slope of the land is not more than 300, the height of land between 300 to 1,100 m above sea level , The type of soil that can be used include Lateritic, latosol, and utisol.

The first step is to determine the pepper planting of seeds that produced pepper plants can be harvested optimally. Characteristic of seeds to pepper them with a view seedlings free of pests and diseases. Seed should come from the parent plant pepper healthy and guaranteed purity.

Planting techniques. The system of planting monocultures (spacing of 2 mx 2 m), or it could be planted with other crops (intercropping). Pyramid-sized planting hole made above (40 cm x 35 cm), bottom (40 cm x 15 cm), and the depth of the planting hole 50 cm.Biarkan 10-15 days before planting seedlings.

Timely planting should be in the rainy season or the transition from the dry season to the rainy season, at 6. 30 am or 4:30 p.m. to 18:00 pm. Planting, pose part in tumbuhi roots attached to the bottom, while the rear (which is not at the root tumbuhi attached) facing up. After that, sprinkle manure from 0.75 to 100 g / plant, then cover the planting hole with soil excavation top.

Make a roof over pepper plant of bamboo or wood, then tie a rope from the roof and poked down to the plant as a medium to propagate. In addition, required the clearance of grass or weeds that interfere around the plant. Perform weeding regularly every three months.

As with other plants, the planting of pepper also require subsequent fertilization to maintain soil nutrients in order to stay awake. Make fertilization once every 6 months with manure or compost. Prune stems, twigs, and branches of plants that are wilted or indicated pests rejuvenating herb pepper.
To keep the pepper plants to grow better quality, do the watering regularly once a day and create good drainage during the rainy season so that water does not inundate the pepper cultivation areas.

Harvest. By practicing how to plant pepper is good and right, then you already can harvest pepper at the age of 3 years. Pepper plants are ready for harvest can be seen from the stalk seeds or fruits that turn yellow and reddish yellow color of the fruit. How to harvest pepper can break the stalk in the armpit Adahan by hand. Pepper plants can continue to be harvested until plants reach productive age 8 to 15 years, but it depends on the pepper seedlings were planted.