Recipe Snow White, Sweet Pastries

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snow princess cake
True to its name, these pastries are wrapped with white refined sugar. Yes, this pastry is named snow white. It’s like any is certainly sweet. You like with this cake? Interested in trying to make it? Side of the world to write down the resep kue putri salju renyah in here.

Ingredients pastry making snow white:
1.300 gr unsalted butter, freeze
2.200 gr caster sugar
3.300 gr of cashew nuts, bake, puree
4.550 gr flour
5.750 grams of powdered sugar topping u/stir dg 1/2 tsp vanilla

How to make pastry putir snow:
1. cream the butter and sugar until pale, add the cashew nuts, and flour, mix well.
2. rounded dough, store in refrigerator 30 minutes.
3. the Crescent, set diloyang, panggan approximately 20 minutes (temperature of 160c ͦ).
4. roll into powdered sugar.

Tips to make pastries snow white:
1. Butter frozen to get cake and krenyes ngeprul yg-krenyes, unlike butter yg is not frozen.
2. frozen dough With yg, yg pastries will crisp the outside and the “ngeprul” part, but still crisp.
3. Panas2 ditaburin powdered sugar, save the first let cool and after cool new dicelupin into powdered sugar.
Enjoy the snow Princess cake which is delicious.