Recipes Sautéed Kale is Delicious and Simple

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recipe kale


As one of the vegetable that has typical taste, excellent nutrition create health body and very easy to prepare it, don’t be surprised if a lot of people liked the vegetable sprouts. Usually, vegetable sprouts will be cooked vegetable acids, vegetable stir-fry or just steamed and eaten together with sambal. The following recipes sautéed Kale is delicious and simple adapted from buletinresep, lets try it.

The materials needed are:

2 bunch Kale, clean by removing stems and leaves that are old, cut into wedges then wash clean
4 cloves garlic, sliced thin-sliced
3 cloves garlic, sliced thin-sliced
3 tbsp cooking oil/can also be replaced with 3 tbsp margarine
4 pieces of red chilli, iris-iris transverse
Granulated sugar to taste
Salt to taste
150 ml water white
Sweet soy sauce to taste

How to make recipes sautéed Kale delicious and is simple:

First of all, prepare a skillet and add the cooking oil/margarine. Once enough of the heat enter the garlic, shallots and Cayenne and then Saute until aromatic.
After that, enter the sprouts into it and stir-fry for a bit. Next enter the water.
Then enter also the salt, sugar and sweet soy sauce, stir-stir until blended.
Cook until wilted and all seasoning kale percolating.
After the adoptive cooked and stir-fried water convolvulus ready for serve.