Select a Canon or Nikon Camera for Beginners?

Select a Canon or Nikon Camera for Beginners . This question is often asked of novice users, especially for those of you new and first wanted to buy a camera. Camera manufacturers now have quite a lot, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, and many more. But that is quite popular today is canon and nikon. Canon and Nikon cameras dominate the market, especially for DSLR cameras.
And if you ask better select Canon or Nikon, the ‘ll respond just as well, if you use the camera for everyday, hobbies, business and ordinary ukm same results from Canon and Nikon, it all depends on your comfort canon or nikon ,
  Select a Canon or Nikon Camera for Beginners?

Canon or Nikon camera

Price comparison
Seen from the issue price for the canon and nikon same. And not too much different from the price, but surely you still have a big sign and confused to select a canon or nikon?
Features canon and nikon itself was not too much different, but for the beginner classes canon more simple, and easy to understand. While the higher megapixel own canon, but it does not talk that Nikon worse. And for Nikon have image quality is good enough to avoid the noise which when using a high ISO.
Nikon has mengul body which appears quite small so when seen or hold does not feel heavy and large. While the canon itself has a body that looks great or fat. So, it depends on your own choice which comfortably.
If you understand all the features of the camera, and are comfortable with the camera, we certainly will be upgraded lenses more different. Canon itself has a lens that is compatible with all types of cameras canon, nikon while slightly different. For the price of its own, higher than the nikon lens canon.
Note Neighborhood
Try to pertahikan around you are using cameras canon or nikon , and with the condition around the course, it could help you to choose the camera, for example, most nikon better then select Nikon, with bigitu you will more easily understand the camera by mutual sharing.
So, it all depends on your choice. And for additional tips please you try it yourself first and compare it with the camera nikon canon camera. If it fits you just buy a camera as you wish.
And again the question select cameras canon or nikon? So the best camera for you is a camera capable camera you have or do you have right now.