Stress Also Gives Effect To Skin Health

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Stress can indeed affect the health of our body which can be a variety of problems such as micu sleep disorders, digestive problems, depression, etc. Besides that, stress turns out to also be bad for the skin. skin health is indeed primarily influenced by outside factors such as exposure to sunlight and pollutants, as well as internal factors like diet, stress and genetic. Here’s a few things that will happen to your skin when stressed.

1. Reactivity of the skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 50% of the buyers of the beauty products identify their skin as sensitive skin. For some, this sensitivity is only temporary. When your skin feels hot, use materials that are soft and soothing like Aloe Vera and cucumber.
2. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes the skin red and inflamed. National Rosacea Society, stress may trigger rosacea symptoms. This disorder can indeed be covered with make-up but most appropriate is completing the cause, not the symptoms. The cause of Rosacea is still unknown but the condition can be aggravated by exposure to sunlight, stress and exercise that is too heavy.
3.According to Anna de la Cruz Glo beauty products senior managers say that while stress, our body take off the hormone cortisol which can lead to inflammation or inflammation and affects the production of sebum/oil that ultimately triggered the acne. In addition, acne is triggered by stress can be controlled by using a personal skin care regimen, and by reducing the stress on a daily basis.

It is indeed quite difficult to stress encountered but it is very important for us to manage. Some how that is, exercising regularly, doing mediation and berlatig breathing in. Because meditation will also lower the heart rate and blood pressure. Not only that, the simplest is enough rest with the sleep patterns for 7-9 hours on each night.