Tips on Choosing a mirrorless camera

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Mirrorless cameras are digital cameras became popular in 2008, this is actually mirrorless camera like DSLR cameras and does not use a mirror and is smaller and lighter than a DSLR. I remember in 2005 we can not choose to DSLR or compact camera? If his choice want to take pictures with the best image quality, speed and user can control, then the choice is a DSLR camera. Meanwhile, if you want to take pictures of documentation and carry around a lightweight, small size, light, easy everyone can use, affordable prices then the options fall into a pocket camera, but there should be sacrificed here is the photo quality is not optimal.

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Because there is a gap and this difference appears cameras mirrorless at the center of the middle because it is small, light and image quality is as good as a DSLR. The workings of digital SLR camera requires a mirror ( mirror ) to bring up the image on the viewfinder , while mirrorless cameras conjures up images by removing the existing mirror in DSLR is what saves the size and weight of the camera (also slashed the price) shortcomings camera mirrorless no viewfinder optics in most cameras mirrorless .

Selecting cameras mirrorless the important thing to note is that the camera sensor is used, sensor that determines the quality of the images. There are currently a variety of sensor used by the camera manufacturer. Each camera manufacturer has a variety of sensor sizes used, starting from that of a DSLR camera as small as a pocket camera.

Keep on how choose a good mirrorless camera, the answer depends on what our needs? If I need Stock Photo requiring magnification quality images that can be printed are not broken, the design and shape of the camera was number two for me. but there are also people who buy cameras mirrorless because of small, compact and looks trendy. there is also a buy cameras mirrorless of the vintage camera shape. All that is true, and there is nothing wrong, again choose a camera mirrorless tailored to our needs as consumers.

Differences Camera DSLR and mirrorless cameras – EMKA Tour Group Jogja
Differences Camera DSLR and mirrorless cameras
Taking advantage mirrorless camera for Travelers and Photographers:

1. Lightweight, when I first carry bag backpack to carry 2 body DSLR and two lenses wide and the range of normal. but with mirrorless I just simply carry 1 sling bag that can be filled by two cameras mirrorless 1 with a 12-24 mm lens and one body again with the 18-55mm lens.

2. The quality of the photos was the same as a DSLR, with a large sensor and the same used by DSLR cameras make quality cameras mirrorless has been similar to a DSLR.
3. Affordable Price, mirrorless cameras mostly affordable and sometimes cheaper than the cheapest DSLR types. indeed there is also a mirrorless camera that costs exceed DSLR but only a small fraction.

4. Photographing human interest easier, if we love taking human interest that I feel when shooting with the camera mirrorless them so no awkward and tend to be indifferent to our presence. different if we put on a great DSLR camera they tend to be uncomfortable and embarrassed to be photographed.

5. It is easier to blend, use the camera mirrorless keep our impression is real photographer. for low profile and unobtrusive sometimes we considered ordinary tourists by local communities, so that we can easily mingle and take pictures with ease.

6. Technology pitch updates , usually mirrorless cameras now many updated technology, excellent wifi, HDR and features that make it easier to take pictures.
Tips that could be a factor considered when selecting mirrorless camera:

1. Choose a mirrorless camera that has megapixels above 14 MP, because it was not as good as the lens mirrorless DSLR lens must be a decline in the quality of photos there, so that a large sensor if the image quality drops can still be tolerated.

2. If you purchase a camera mirrorless with the expectation your DSLR lens can be mounted on the mirrorless camera, the essence of cameras mirrorless is lost. Why do people choose mirrorless camera light and small shape.
3. Look for a camera mirrorless the power charge USB universal , so if we run out of battery can charge disposable POWERBANK . but it also saves in bringing the charger when traveling .
4. Body light and small it is absolute, if you buy a camera mirrorless the same size with a DSLR. better ya buy a DSLR wrote.