Various Ways Macro Photos With DSLR Camera

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Meet again with me here, the one who has the hobby of traveling and capture every place and moment that happened to be made in a memory, hehehe. Immediately, this time I will present tips and tricks that can be done to take pictures or macro photos with a DSLR camera. Here, as an example I use a Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera of its “mine, because I do not have any other DSLR camera again.

For macro image itself is a photo taken from a short distance so that in can be magnification of 1: 1 of the object in the photo. The macro picture is very unique and very easy to do, but can result in incredible. We could take the objects around us like a lizard on the wall, dry leaves that have fallen on the ground and its other ordinary objects which, if we take the position of the macro will look different, it would seem quite remarkable. Because the viewpoint of the macro image itself is different from her usual we see an object or something else.

And here are some ways you can do to take macro photos with a DSLR camera:

1. Using Special Macro Lens
By using a special macro lens is certain images or photos which we will take can be perfect because the lens is right for photographing macro dysfunction. For setting its own is depending on the circumstances in each individual “shooting location. There is no default setting in the world of photography, here I will only give you a great overview of the current setting macro image itself. For his regular Aperture between F7.1 to F11 and the shutter speed of about 1/80 second to 1/60 second. As for the ISO uses Iso quite low at about 100 to 400 because if Iso is too high will cause noise in the image.

Again this is just setting its course for the big picture to get a good picture settings to be adjusted situation. And disaran’re also using manual focus to get accurate focus.
But for the price of special macro lens of his usual self is too expensive so most people think twice about buying a special macro lens. But do not worry there are other ways to take pictures or macro photos.

2. Using ekstention Tube

Ekstention Tube is a connection that is used to shorten the focal distance of the camera to the object to be photographed. The shape of the tube itself ekstention hollow tube that its location between the camera and lens. With the 18-55mm kit lens that I can be the time of purchase of the camera is sufficient when paired with this Tube ekstention. Canon itself also provides ekstention Tube but because of its expensive price I think it’s better if we buy from other brands that support for Canon cameras mounted on the right, his eg ekstention Tube of Kenko at a cheaper price we can get right.

The advantage of using this connection is because it can be used for any type of lens, not just one lens. But its shortcomings are ekstention Tube will reduce light entering the camera sensor so we have to adjust the settings of the camera again.

3. Filter Close Up
For the third is a cheaper solution for price Filter Close Up itself around hundreds of thousands. Unlike the Tube ekstention that about 1 million more, especially for special macro lens is the price of its millions and millions. Close Up filter mounted in front of the lens to adjust the size of the diameter of the lens of her as an example for the 18-55mm kit lens with a diameter of 58 mm should use Close Up Filter size 58 mm as well.

Therefore to use Filter Close Up is not very practical because if we are going to use different lenses we have to buy more for the same diameter. And also images produced by Filter Close Up is not too good because between the object and the lens there is a filter that reduces image quality. Perhaps because of its cheap price only Filter Close Up can be made alernatif.

4. Reserve Ring
This is the cheapest alternative that we can do to take pictures or macro photos. Reserve Ring is also a connection between the camera and lens installed. Just as ekstention Tube but this time the lens must be fitted upside down. So in getting the correct macro photo “amazing, one of my friends had tried to take pictures of legs in this way, hehehe. Because the price of Reserve Ring itself is not up to 100 thousand then I dare say that this way is the cheapest way to take macro pictures. However, for images in the result itself is not much better in the appeal in other ways. But it still could be an alternative to a macro photograph.

5. Using Tele Lens
Koq using Tele Lens? Telephoto lens is a lens that is made to take pictures from a distance due to its own focal length is long. Although there were a lens for distance, but Lens Tele able to take macro pictures. I myself serng using Tele lens for macro photos. Because when taking a picture of an object distance we did have far so it will not interfere with the object itself. For example we will take pictures of the butterflies “, when using the macro lens mengharus we approach the object in the object concerned will feel disturbed and fled. But if you use Tele Lens we could take pictures from afar so that objects will not be bothered.

Here are the results of my macro photos, even though not so good but my own work hehehehe. Oh yeah this use of the Canon 55-250mm lens. Hopefully this article Various Ways Macro Photos With DSLR cameras can be useful and help a little. thank you