Warkop Roadside with a Classy Cafe Sensation

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Another fun hangout is present in Central Jakarta. Warung Upnormal offers the very concept of a homie to simply hangout and unwind after a day of activity.

Owner at one time Manager Warunk Outlet Upnormal Cempaka Putih, Koji Rider says, the spring-style bistro dining industrial wanted to bring food into the roadside more classy dishes.

It can be seen from the menu offered, among others, instant noodles, toast, fried rice and much more.

“We are the pioneers of the stalls present. The same rich Warkop roadside but the product and the place nicer than the side of the road but the concept still stalls, “said Seto in Cempaka Putih not long ago.

Seto, recognized his Cafe would like to become a place of get-togethers the teens. Starting from the idea of one of its founders who had once lived a life as the son of kos, finally terwujudlah Warunk Upnormal which has now spread to many other cities in Indonesia.

“More like a junk food children Indonesia, and the only food in the man’s tongue nempel instant noodles,” he added.

Over the past two years, some of the menus that are a favorite of visitors of which namely indomie upnormal chily, chicken, beef chily, indomie Harleys (fried kikil), young goat and samin soto djenkolic balado. Despite wearing the spices so, but chef meraciknya back with secret spices to produce a palatable taste.

“A day spent 30 cartons of noodles boiled chicken fried noodle special and special,” he explained.

No need to fear, because it was all bags of food dibandrol of the price range Rp 20.000 to Rp 35,000 only.

And pull it again, Warunk Upnormal can be a solution when a famine struck the middle of the night because it is open from 10.00 a.m. to 03.00 a.m. every Tuesday-Sunday. While just until 23.00 Monday only.