What is Android One, What are the Advantages and drawbacks?

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You know what is meant by Android One? Smartphone anything that carries an Android platform and what the advantages and disadvantages of Android One? All are here!
advantages and disadvantages of android one

The Android operating system made by Google is increasingly global, since its inception more than a decade ago and was introduced to the public commercially chk files in folder found000 around 2008. Lately widely heard that Google is holding a sort of mega projects Android One, what One is Android and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

What is a Android One?

Android One as quoted from wikipedia.org is a standardization of the use of the Android operating system. In this case, the Google intends to ‘be kind’ by holding a smartphone’s programs with eligibility standards specifications defined by Google but the price is also determined that no more than one hundred dollars ($ 100).
Google said in a statement such as, in this program are expected to everyone in the world can connect to the internet via smartphones. Given the major problem for people in developing countries, are an obstacle for the lack of use of the Internet is the high cost of internet access and of course the ownership of media / devices used to access the Internet is still low. Through this program, Google joins local vendors in each country that aim to produce smartphones with low price but has decent specs. Thus, the expected ownership of smartphones in developing countries, which is still low can rise and people connected to the Internet is increasing.
Many were greeted with a positive response to this program, but many are skeptical and in terms of the business. Many of the respondents think that this is the business strategy of Google, where more and more Internet users then use Google products such as Google Search Engine, Gmail, Youtube, Google Plus, Chrome and Google Maps will increase, of course, because it’s all free. And everyone knows that it is a money machine owned by Google.
The presumption can indeed be said to ‘have a point’, but behind all of that let people who act as the judge. Is Google’s big mission can provide greater benefits than their business strategy or merely cashing impressed?

What Is The Difference Android One With Android Regular On Generally?

When talking about the difference, in this case be the main difference is the standardization of hardware devices that are tailored to the software / OS Google Android and it interferes with the surveillance and determine the technical specifications of the product.